School readiness activities

your whole family can enjoy.

Getting your child ready to start big school? It’s a huge deal!

If you’re like most first-time school parents, you’re probably feeling a bit higgledy piggledy. There’s excitement, uncertainty and anticipation – for both you and your baby.

The days are flying by and you want to help your child get used to the idea of school, beyond the basics of numbers and letters.

You’ll find all the school readiness activities you need here, all aligned to the Australian primary school curriculum. Full of practical, emotional and social activities, together you can get used to all that’s ahead with these packs.

So when day one comes, your child will able to put their uniform on, recognise their name in the classroom, feel comfortable gripping a pencil and embrace every moment with a smile.

Get School-Ready Ultimate Readiness Pack


The perfect pack for your school-starter to get school-ready with fun and confidence!

Kinder Kickstart Readiness


Warm-up for big school with the Kinder Kickstart Pack for three to four year olds.

All About My Name Mini Readiness Pack


Scrolling for the ultimate name writing activities? You’ve found them!  

Fine Motor Mini Readiness Pack


Get those fingers moving and build up fine motor muscles with these fun and engaging activities.  

Shape Explorer Mini Readiness Pack


Let’s go on a shape hunt with this fun and hands-on Mini Readiness Pack!  Circles, squares, triangles + rectangles!

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Xun Kuang


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