My School Readiness Cards!

These cards build independence and confidence in your school starter. There are 28 “I can” statements that are skills that are essential for starting school.

I have had countless conversations with Early Years teachers and asked them what skills they believe little ones should be focusing on when preparing to start “big school!” Time and time again, educators from around Australia have expressed the need for little ones to focus on skills that develop INDEPENDENCE! From these conversations, the idea for these School Readiness Cards became a part of our School Readiness Kits. With independence comes confidence!

You can support your little one’s journey to starting school by working on these essential skills. Get the whole family involved and open up a discussion about each card. Break down the skill and model and talk through each step, so your child understands how to succeed.

Please note that these cards help guide you and your school starters journey to starting school. They are not designed to bring stress to your family. If you are concerned about your child and how they feel about starting school, please open up to your child’s preschool or kindergarten teacher.

Readiness Packs

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