Get School-Ready Ultimate Pack

Get School-Ready Ultimate Pack

The perfect pack for your school-starter to get school-ready with fun and confidence!

Jumpstart your big school journey with this school readiness pack brimming with confidence-boosting activities. It’s a hands-on way to get your little one ready for the social, emotional and practical side of school life.

Name recognition, fine motor, oral language and writing activities familiarise your child with classroom learning. Personalised with your child’s name, this school readiness kit inspires independence in your school starter using sensory learning.

Want me to show you around the Get School-Ready Ultimate Pack? Look at my video below!

This Readiness Pack is best suited for little ones heading off to big school next year!

“I highly recommend the School Readiness Pack, it’s packed full of fun and educational activities and resources that my daughter loves! The quality is excellent and it comes with lots of great ideas in the parent guide.” Kyla, Mum to Demi



What’s included:

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