Fine Motor Mini Pack

Fine Motor Mini Pack

Get those fingers moving and build up fine motor muscles with these fun and engaging activities.

Fine motor fun is coming your way! This pack is perfect for prewriting and assisting with

strengthening your little one’s fine motor muscles. Having strong fine motor muscles is crucial for little ones! From playdough to Fine Motor Practice Mats,  each part of this pack is a carefully considered piece in building strong fine motor skills in your child’s hands and fingers while developing their hand and eye coordination.

Strong fine motor skills and strong muscles in their hands and fingers are essential for children learning to write letters and numbers correctly. It’s also vital for cutting, gluing, opening, closing, threading, tying, and other tasks that help your little one’s independence grow!

Want me to show you around the Fine Motor Mini Pack? Look at my video below!

This Readiness Pack is best suited for three years and up!


What’s included:

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