Core Strength for School Readiness by Vanessa Buys

Moving from preschool to school requires our children to transition to a long day of sitting, standing, writing and concentrating.  One of the key factors that enables us to do this is a strong, stable core! So, developing core strength in our pre-schoolers is one step towards a happy and successful start to school.  For … Read more

Lunchbox Tips for Kids Starting School by Julia Boase

One of the things that’s often top of mind for parents of kids starting school for the first time is lunch boxes. There’s a lot to consider from which lunch box you should buy, to what and how much you should pack. When planning a lunch box for your school starter it helps to consider practical … Read more

My Favourite Books for Starting School

I believe that so much of life can be explained through reading picture storybooks. They are rich in meaning and offer an invitation for the whole family to discuss the changes, routines and emotions experienced when a little one starts schools. Below I have shared my absolute favourite picture storybook, as well as some ideas … Read more