When can my child start school?

We are one, but we are many… slightly differing education systems! Here in Australia, it can be very confusing with the different states and territories and the various aspects of their education system. Some differences include names for the first year of compulsory school, and starting ages can range from four to six. So, let’s … Read more

What is School Readiness?

School readiness is a very broad term, and it seems everyone has a slightly different definition. We know it is important, and it is often referred to when little ones are getting ready to start school. However, it is a term that is hard to define. Sometimes, parents think that school readiness means being able … Read more

Core Strength for School Readiness by Vanessa Buys

Moving from preschool to school requires our children to transition to a long day of sitting, standing, writing and concentrating.  One of the key factors that enables us to do this is a strong, stable core! So, developing core strength in our pre-schoolers is one step towards a happy and successful start to school.  For … Read more