Hello there! I’m Tess Morriss.

prep teacher and Melbourne mum.


Want to know the question everyone asks me?

How do I get my child ready for big school?

I’ve been a prep teacher for almost 10 years and I understand the reality of the gap between pre-school and starting school.

I see your desire to do all you can to make your child’s journey to school easy. And I know exactly what children need to be school ready.

So I created The Readiness Club. It’s here to give you the tools, confidence and guidance to make little one’s school start a smooth, enjoyable time.

My Australian school readiness packs are designed to help you walk the path to school together in a meaningful way. They’re meticulously created to focus on the social, emotional and practical side of
school readiness
– beyond the academic milestones.

Being able to recognise letters, rhyme, write their name, count and identify numbers are great skills for your child have before they start school.

But even if they don’t know all of them before day one?
The familiarity they have with numbers and letters give your child invaluable confidence that will continue to grow with their teacher’s
help. My school readiness packs give you the foundation for those vital skills so you can see your baby bloom once school begins.

So the answer to that question on everyone’s lips?

Do exactly what you’re doing now.

All those play-based learning activities you do together are invaluable for school readiness. The sensory stimulation, free play, books, experiences and wholesome food you provide for your child are perfect for shaping them into engaged, curious beings who are receptive to school learning.

The next best thing you can do to prepare your baby for school is…

Get familiar with what’s expected there. Be able to do things independently. And then feel excited about all the growth, new friends and wondrous discoveries to come!

So when it’s time to hang up their bag, open lunchboxes, line up when the bell rings or follow an instruction, your child will feel confident to do what’s needed.

The build up to starting school is epic

For you, your child and for the teachers. Even after almost 10 years of teaching school starters I still get nervous the night before the school year begins.

Children in their first year of school have so much funk and personality. They’re sponges who soak it all up. It’s magical! The first time your child reads their own writing, they are communicating in a way they never have before. It’s incredible to be a witness to that. My heart is in teaching the first year of school.

As a parent, you’re there for so many formative moments. Getting your child ready for big school is another of those precious experiences and I am delighted to share my insight into school readiness with you. I’ve helped hundreds of families settle into school and now it’s your turn.

Are you ready to create some amazing memories with your child and join
The Readiness Club?


Get big ideas for little people.


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