Five Podcasts That Your School Starters Will LOVE!

Podcasts have become a listening favourite in many adults’ lives. There is a podcast out there on every topic for every type of listener. From business podcasts to learning about self-care, true crime stories or listening to the commentary on the current affairs of the day, there is sure to be a podcast for your interests! There are currently over two million shows available! But have you ever thought of podcasts for your pre-schooler? There are so many podcasts that are designed for little ears and today I would like to share of my absolute favourites!

1. Imagine That

This awesome podcast comes from ABC Kids and answers all the curious and creative science questions that little ones think of! Recent episodes answer the questions – Why do animals have spots, stripes, and scales? and Where do our voices come from? If you have a curious little mind that likes to ask whacky questions, then this is the podcast for them!

2. Little Stories for Tiny People

Little Stories for Tiny People is a podcast full of beautiful and whimsical stories written and performed by Rhea Pechter. These captivating and unique stories will engage and entertain your little one at all hours of the day. The stories are full of descriptive language which will spark your child’s imagination while they visualise the story in their head.

3. Noisy by Nature

Noisy by Nature is another fabulous podcast from ABC Kids and will have your nature loving explorer learning cool facts about the noisy animals and insects in their backyards! This podcast will ignite a passion for getting outside and exploring the sounds in nature!

4. Big Life Podcast

Big Life Journal is slowing but surely taking over the world with their message of self-belief and growth mindset. The Big Life Journal podcast called Big Life will inspire your little one to believe in themselves by building confidence and resilience. And if you have been part of The Readiness Club community for a while now you would know that building independence and confidence is our main goal!

5. Peace Out

This podcast is a treasure trove of beautiful stories focusing on visualisation and breathing technique. It is designed to help little ones to self-regulate their emotions while exploring strategies to calm down. Chanel Tsang is the creator of this podcast, and her mission is to help parents and educators to introduce mindfulness and yoga to young children.

These are just a taste of the amazing podcasts that are available for children! I had so much fun exploring, listening and researching these podcasts and I know you and your little one are going to get a lot out of introducing podcasts. You might like to try listening to a child friendly podcast on the Sudio Femtio Speaker. I was recently gifted one to try out and I absolutely love it! Lola, Ozzie and I listen to The Wiggles, Disney music, podcasts and audiobooks through our speaker and it has been a wonderful addition to our family room.

If you would like to grab a Sudio Femtio Speaker for your family, you can use the code THEREADINESS CLUB to save 15%. YAY!

I was gifted a Femtio Speaker from Sudio for review. I was not offered any monetary compensation, and the opinions I share are my own.

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