Fine Motor Valentine’s Day Activities for School Starters

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to share some super cute craft activities that get your little one building their fine motor muscles. Working on fine motor skills is essential to little ones getting school ready. Building fine motor strength with your school starter will help set them up for success in play, academic tasks, and self-care. You can download the templates I use here.

I Love You to Pieces Craft

Your little one can ear paper into small pieces and paste them onto the heart on the template. The tearing of the paper builds up those finger muscles and pasting the pieces to the heart allows your little one to let their creativity flow.

I Love You Tracing Page

Using the template, your little one can trace around each heart. A great tip is to use a crayon or marker instead of a pencil. This will provide tension between the marker or crayon and the paper allowing little ones to control the marker or crayon when tracing. 

Happy Valentine’s Day Painting

Can’t find a paintbrush? No worries, make your own using some cotton wool and pegs! Your school starter will love dabbing their ‘paintbrush’ to create fun and exciting patterns.

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