Three tips for remote learning that you will want to try!

Unfortunately, so many families in Australia are navigating remote learning again! It is safe to say that parents, teachers, and students’ challenges in 2020 are still being felt in 2021! These three tips are not your average remote learning tips.

1. Plan the day (*to the best of your ability)

Think about what will work for your family and come up with a daily schedule. If you want to finish all the schoolwork by 9 am, or your family would prefer to stretch it over the day, then go for it.
Can the schedule change? Of course.
Can you throw out the schedule halfway through the day? ABSOLUTELY!
Remember, oh please remember, you are NOT replicating the school day at home!

2. Fresh air

Get outside as much as possible!
Call it PE or outdoor learning if you must – get you and your little ones outside for some fresh air.
It is even better if you all move your body, so go for a walk, a bike ride or set up an obstacle course in the backyard (hello, problem-solving!). I really don’t have to explain the benefits of exercise, fresh air, sunshine or being with nature.

3. Ditch it!

Is your little one crying over their handwriting? Have they attempted the same word four times, and it is all starting to fall apart or are they yelling at you that you don’t understand. I can wholeheartedly assure you that this is not how they behave at school!
If you have one of those days and everything ends with frustration and tears, do not be afraid to ditch the work! Tomorrow is a new day and a clean slate.

One final comment…

Your little one is not going to remember the maths activity that was assigned or the home learning project that seemed so random compared to the content that they had been learning.
They will remember the walking adventures or the baking or the craft afternoon where there was a glitter explosion.
They will remember feeling loved, safe and valued by their family.

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