Take little steps to big school with my school readiness packs

Your child is starting primary school… the countdown is on! It’s time to get your little one – and your family – ready for the change.

Leap from play-based learning to big school structure with my school readiness packs. Each activity guides your child across the stepping stones of ABCs and 123s to real world skills they’ll use every day in the classroom and playground.

You’ll feel confident, familiar and excited about primary school as you lay the foundation for a love of learning with my teacher-approved school readiness packs.

Hop, skip and jump, school’s about to begin!


Prep-teacher created, parent approved

Hi mama, I’m so pleased you’re here! I’m Tess, an Australian prep teacher devoted to holding little hands through the first year of school.

I know the reality of the gap between pre-school and starting school. And I get your desire to do all you can to make your child’s journey to school smooth.

My school readiness kits are exactly what you need to 
enjoy the ride and watch your little one bloom.


Get big ideas for little people.

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